December 16, 2021

How to Download a Whole Website from the Wayback Machine

As I was looking for ways to download an entire website snapshot from the Wayback Machine, I found this article: 

How to Download Entire Website from the Wayback Machine

If like me, you're on Windows, you're gonna have to download and install WGET in order to proceed. Here's a link to download it: 

Windows binaries of GNU Wget

It comes as an EXE file, so you're gonna have to copy it to your C:\Windows\ directory. From there, it'll be recognized as a command in CMD. You'll be able to follow the step-by-step guide above, in order to download a full site snapshot from the Wayback Machine. 

Here's a command I've used in order to download an old snapshot of my forum, dating back to 2005: 

wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --convert-links --domains --no-parent

The command itself works perfectly. The result isn't always great though, as it seems most of the time, the Wayback Machine only archived the site's homepage. Therefore, most links don't lead anywhere. I guess it depends on what platform the site is built on. 

You'll obviously have more success if the site you're looking for is static. The less dynamic the site, the more likely you are to retrieve pages other than the homepage. 

Have fun!  

November 15, 2021

Eternal: Cold Hunt

Eternal Card Game just released a new set last week, Cold Hunt!!

Eternal: Cold Hunt

They also released an Expedition Vault. They basically give out 4x copies of over a hundred cards, that represent a foundation of classic cards from all the previous sets. Many of them very good. That's a HUGE starter pack for new players, it's a new thing. It makes the game the most accessible to new players it has ever been.

Eternal is one of the most free to play game right now. It's easy to earn a decent collection really fast. Last month's a guy on Reddit reached Masters in ranked mode on his 1st month, without spending a dime. Very impressive! 

August 21, 2021

On Passion Projects | So Many Things, So Little Time

Do you have a passion project?

Paranormalis is one of my passion projects. I often wish I'd spent more time on it. But what time?

I have several dream projects I'll very likely never do. I'd like to develop and release a game of my own. Compose music for something that gets recognition. Write something, a book, or an ebook. Become a streamer, have a YouTube channel, be a YouTube personality and live off of it. Get better at home improvement. Start my own business online and earn passive revenues, no more 8-to-5 jobs. Wow, that list goes on and on.

But... What am I doing? I feel I don't have any time to do anything... what am I supposed to do?

Why do I prefer to sit on my ass, instead of actively working on something? Inertia? When my workday is over and I'm done doing regular day-to-day stuff... I'm tired and it's almost time to go to bed. And I don't even have kids! What's my problem!?

The examples I gave above take so much time and commitment, I'd hardly even know where to begin if I was to tackle one of them.

I thought of starting a podcast once. At some point, I noticed how much work it would be and instantly knew I wouldn't be able to commit to it. Do 1, 2, or 3 episodes? Probably. Keep going on a regular schedule? Certainly not.

Am I the only one to feel this way? What are your passion projects, and where and how do you find time for them?


Originally posted on Paranormalis: 

February 14, 2021

Reading Books | So Many Things, So Little Time

I don't read books that often and I'm ashamed to admit it. I simply don't take the time.

When I think about it, reading a book almost sounds like a chore. Sitting there reading for hours. But... it's the same as playing a video game or watching TV, only less interactive. I've read hundreds of books in my life and I know it's a great activity. But my brain puts it in the "boring-no-time" category. I can't help it. Am I the only one?

Over the past 10 years, I read about... 2 to 4 books per year on average. That's poor. I've read a few more in 2020 than the years before, because I didn't work for a whole month due to surgery. I was able to take my time and read.

In 2019, I only read half a book actually. I spent 2 years reading the first Dune book. It was great, but it was long and I often didn't feel like reading at all. Or I'd fall asleep after reading a few pages, dropping the book on my own face if I was laying on my back. But I loved that book, like all the others. They were great... So why is it so hard to stop and read? Don't get me wrong, I freaking love sci-fi books.

Why am I seeing it as a chore? Is it because in 2021, we're used to instant entertainment, instant rewards, instant everything? And books aren't instantly rewarding! You gotta take your time reading them, they reward you at a slow but steady pace. You gotta earn it. Maybe that's the explanation. I got lazy.

I guess that's something I'm gonna have to work on! 

See ya! 

Originally posted on Paranormalis.