April 30, 2024

Medium.com: Goodbye for Now

So I have decided to stop posting on Medium.com. Mostly due to lack of time, I gave up. In spite of that, I have posted a total of 81 articles. 14 Articles and 67 Poems.

In one year, I made a total of $1.76. Is this more than my expectations? Yes, it is a lot more. I was expecting zero. But I got more than zero. So, success, yay! 🎉🍾 💰

But all in all, it's not worth it for me. My focus would rather be on Paranormalis and this blog. I have the feeling that with the same amount of time, I can add a lot more value to Paranormalis by being a part of the discussion and implementation of new features. The same is true with this blog and other projects I am working on. They add more value and are more rewarding than just posting to Medium.

Don't get me wrong. Medium is a great platform for great content. It's a great product.

But considering how I'm getting very few views on Medium and very few views on my blog... Well, I'd rather spend time on my blog.

Maybe I'll get back to it someday. To be continued... 

See ya!