July 25, 2014

Content is King

When I take an overall look at my personal Internet browsing habits, I notice that like most people, I visit a certain number of websites every now and then. Why are these websites in my bookmarks? How did I become at some point a regular visitor? The answer is simple: Content.

Nowadays, it’s not that hard to give yourself some visibility on the Internet and have people visit your website. But will these new visitors remember you and return? If you don’t serve them quality content on a regular basis, you can be sure they won’t. Forums, blogs, most websites are subject to this golden rule of the Internet.

July 24, 2014

Error 193: 0xc1 Service fails to start

Ever encountered this error on a Windows server?
Error 193: 0xc1 Service fails to start

It’s pretty easy to fix things up and get that service to run properly as usual.

You’re going to look at the service’s executable path and check all the concerned folders. Make sure none of those folders contain a file with the same name as the first word of the next folder. When a service is launched, it’ll likely fail to start if a file with the same name as the first word of a folder name happens to be there.

For example: A file named “program” in your C: drive.

If such a file exists, delete it and try starting the service again. I bet it’ll start this time!