November 16, 2022

Memories of Downloading Games in 2000

The year was 2000 - or was it 1999? It was in the good old days of the Internet. When it was still somewhat new and special. Special, in the sense that not everyone had access to it. Unlike today, you had to be clever to find the good stuff. 

Being the teenager I was, I'd spend most of my time downloading game demos from various sites that do not exist anymore. They're just distant memories now. I remember how exciting and endlessly compelling it was to open Netscape Navigator or an old ass version of Internet Explorer, then head to weird sites from which you could download game demos and whatnot. Anything could happen!!

I'm going to share a couple of memories I have of those bygone days. 

First, I was able to trace back one of the best sites I'd download stuff from. It was "Electric Games". Here are 2 screenshots: 

Look at that list, man. Doom, Doom95. Duke Nukem. Holy cow the memories.