August 17, 2023

Quick Blog Update


As you might have noticed, I'm no longer posting as much as before. It's not because I don't like this blog. I love it and I love Blogger. I just don't have that many things to share, and I'm aware it's never going to reach a wider audience. It's my tiny blog and always has been. 

Nowadays, I tend to post on my primary website, There, I reach a larger audience. People that I actually know and interact with. It feels more rewarding and creates more value than posting things here, in a vacuum. 

I also started posting on as a personal experiment, to see if the kind of articles I write can generate revenue. It's an exciting adventure, but I'm not very consistent. Still, I'm trying to push forward and keep the ball rolling. I must have made about $0.50 up to now. More than zero... 

So, here are a couple of links where to find me. 
Paranormalis | The Paranormal and Time Travel Forum 
Num7 - Medium

I'll certainly keep posting here once in a while. Not just right now, or on a regular basis. 

See you around!