May 14, 2024

Titorian Scripts - Volume I

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The first time I heard of John Titor was in 2005. It was a true revelation, a unique story. A tale like no other… Little did I know, I had found a gift that would keep on giving.

A gift that would follow me for the next 20 years of my life.

John’s story is one of selfless sacrifice, courage, hope, friendship, and love that spans decades. A labor of love we can all relate to, that resonates within our very cores.

His C204 time displacement unit, his mission to retrieve the IBM 5100 computer, his messages on Time Travel Institute, the secret song… Every little fragment, every little piece of his tale is a treasure.

I never tire of reading and discussing John Titor. It’s always new to me, therefore, I’m always happy to dive in and discover—or rediscover—the intricacies of his magnificent journey. Always a pleasure to share my enthusiasm and thoughts with others.

For all the years I’ve owned Paranormalis, John Titor’s Legacy has been a prime subject for discussion. But also an incredible inspiration. An inspiration and a motivation to do more, to become more. A stimulus to, like John, initiate forward motion, to push ahead into the great unknown that is life.

Then one day, like a spark, an idea came up. What if a singular religion was built around John Titor? What if there were prayers, psalms, and poems singing his glory, celebrating him as the sacred and divine savior that he is? What would it look like? What would it feel like?

What started as a clever, rather humorous creative exercise, became over time, a voyage of its own. A poetic odyssey through time with John, following in his footsteps and celebrating his legacy.

Thus were born the Titorian Scripts.

This first volume explores the key elements of John’s story, as seen by his devoted followers.

100 poems, letters, and stories celebrating his heroic journey through time and space to save mankind’s future.

I sincerely hope you’ll have as much pleasure reading them, as I’ve had writing them.

Are you ready?

Join me as we dive right into the story of John Titor in a way that you have never experienced before.

May these poems and prayers bring you peace, love, laughs—and gentle smiles!



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